Order a rental


You are given the opportunity to order and use a mobile application without paying the development cost. The application is created according to the technical specifications of the Customer at the expense of the Developer. To implement your idea with the subsequent rental of a software product, you must send an application for consideration and order the design of the application.

If necessary, integration of mobile applications for iOS and android with your existing business system is implemented.

For start-ups, you can order a software package "from scratch", which includes mobile applications and web solutions with business logic. Applications are approved by email.

Application rental conditions

Rent price

Application rental is subject to advance payment. You pay monthly only the cost of rent. Approximately 2% of the total cost of the application / software package. The exact cost of the rent is calculated after the completion of the Design stage.

Prepayment conditions are formed based on the results of consideration of the rental application. If it is possible to replicate and demand your idea of ​​a designed mobile application, you will be sent an offer, including the amount of the prepayment.

You can calculate the preliminary cost of the application yourself using the online calculator.

Application development methodology

The development of mobile applications is carried out in stages. Before starting the development of the application, it is necessary to prepare the Technical task.

Mobile app warranty

In the process of renting and further development of the business logic and functionality of software products, a guarantee is valid.

Technical support for mobile applications

During the entire lease period, stable operation of applications is maintained.

The customer has the opportunity to use additional software solutions implemented in the process of product development initiated by other users. You can also order customization, changes and additions.

Order a mobile application for rent

Briefly state the idea and purpose of creating a mobile application / complex (in free form). Submit your application by email.

After approval of the application, it is necessary to prepare the Technical task. The approval of the Technical task is carried out on a time-based basis after advance payment. After the completion of the design of the application according to the Technical task, the total cost of the application and the monthly rent are calculated, and an agreement is concluded. In the process of developing a mobile application, the Customer is regularly informed about the progress of creating a software solution.