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Value and conditions of the discount

7% discount on any cost of work on the creation of mobile applications, located on dashboard.mapps.su.

The discount on this page is valid until 09/01/2022 inclusive. The discount is valid for the entire duration of the order for the implementation of your idea in the form of a mobile application, made on dashboard.mapps.su.

To get a discount on the creation of a mobile application - a tool for your business, you need to place an order on the website dashboard.mapps.su. Then send an email to h_v_b@list.ru. Please include your order number in the subject line of your email.

The text of the letter contains the first 8 digits from the QR code on this page.

You have the opportunity to get an additional discount for your startups or existing business.

To do this, decode the message in the rest of the QR code and supplement your letter (addition to the agreement on cooperation to create an effective software product) with the information contained in this message (4 digits). Additional discount will be valid for all your orders, regardless of the date of their execution.

The condition for providing an additional discount is placing an order for the application and sending a letter with information until 09/01/2022 inclusive. Confirmation of receipt of the letter within one business day.

Note. If you have not received confirmation of receipt of the letter by email within one business day, send the letter again (failures due to reasons beyond the control of the Developer are not excluded). Mutual term for the elimination of this possible problem - 24 hours, after this period the discount is not available.