Order the development of a mobile application


Price and terms of sale

The price of mapps.su and dashboard.mapps.su internet resources, including all software associated with them - 17 000 000 RUB.

Offer valid until 15.10.2022 inclusive. Offer valid from 19.09.2022 on 15.10.2022.

To purchase the above software, you must transfer the full amount to the settlement account of Vladimir Borisovich Khokhlov. Then send a notification letter about the payment to h_v_b@list.ru. In the attachment of the letter, attach your details for the execution of the contract-purchase and sale.

If the prepayment conditions are met, you will receive a reply letter with a "standard" sales contract in response to your letter.

Terms of sale: 1. The price is indicated "behind the minus" of all taxes in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 2. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay taxes. 3. The seller - a citizen of the Russian Federation Khokhlov Vladimir Borisovich reserves the right to deduct the cost of possible expenses for the return of funds in case the transaction does not take place.

Checking account № 42301810400023106685 in Tinkoff Bank, corresponding account 30101810145250000974, bank identifier (Russian Federation) 044525974, account currency: russian ruble. Recipient: Vladimir Borisovich Khokhlov, tax identifier recipient (Russian Federation): 212800353681.

Note. If you have not received confirmation of receipt of the letter by email within one business day, send the letter again (failures due to reasons beyond the Seller's control are not excluded).