Order application

“The price of a product is nothing more

than the human work."

Karl Marks


Before starting to develop the functionality of an mobile application, its designing is carried out - a Designing solution is created - a document with a detailed description of the option for implementing the functionality and visual design.

As initial information when performing designing work, the Customer's assignment contained in the documents Terms of reference and Design Concept is used. You can develop these documents yourself or order from the Developer.

The source information of the Customer is necessary to start work on the development of functionality and visual design of the created mobile application in an amount sufficient to prepare a variant of its implementation.

Before start designing, you can calculate the price of application yourself using calculator.

After preparing and confirming with you the document Designing solution, the duration and amount of developing the functionality of the software product in the context of the components are calculated.

After the completion of the Designing stage, the next stage starts - Development of functionality.

Example Designing solution.

In the case of the development of documents Terms of Reference and Design concept by the Developer, the amount of its development is determined by the actual labor price at the current rate for the period of development for 1 hour.