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Document Composition Design concept

The design concept for the development of the visual design of a mobile application in the Century technologies Ltd should contain the following information (briefly, in sufficient volume to develop a visual design option):

Sections Design concepts

Design style

The name of the design style of the mobile application

Application icon

Brief description of the app icon (idea, elements, colors, ...).

Mobile app icons and images

List of icons and images.

Brief description (idea, elements, colors, ...).

Mobile app screens

Requirements for the visual design of mobile application screens (user interface).

Mobile app screen elements

A list of design elements of the user interface of the mobile application with a brief description (idea, color scheme, ...).


Color range / list of colors with codes (if available).


List of fonts.

Wishes / size requirements.

When developing a Design concept document by the Developer, the cost of its development is determined by actual labor costs at the current rate for the period of development for 1 hour. Links to analogues with visual design preferences are possible.