Order mobile application


What is included in the price

Development of a one-page site based on the style of the example page (site page without a database). Website page example: Chess

Development on the instructions of the Customer (it is possible to change colors, arrangements and sizes of elements, text).

Development of one site icon (in the style of an example page).

Development of one background image of the site (in the style of an example page).

Limitations on the number of interface elements: no more than one logo icon, no more than one image (icon), no more than 20 text elements, no more than 5 buttons, no more than one animation (rotation/movement/disappearance/appearance).

Site publication within 1 month (placement on the Developer's server, no action is required from the Customer).

Estimated development time is 3 business days.

How order

Make an advance payment. Details for prepayment: here

Send a development task to email: vk78ru@gmail.com. If you need an oral discussion before starting development, please indicate your contacts.

Desired format of the task for development (to develop the site, it is enough to fill in only the sections "Purpose" and "Interface"): Description of the composition of the development task

Before publication, it is desirable (without a domain name instead of the site name there will be an IP address) to acquire the "name site" (domain name) of the site. If necessary, options where this can be done will be transferred to the Customer.